About PSA

We have an active School Association, to which all parents have automatic membership. It organises social and fundraising events and Roehampton Church. School Association (PSA) meetings are held regularly, to plan forthcoming events and discuss current issues.

This is our new logo ‘Awesome Parents in Action’.

Our wonderful PSA team this year.

Class Reps:

Nursery: Arienne Guiste & Hailey McFadden

Reception: Donna Marie

Year 1: Position available

Year 2: Agnieszka Klepacz

Year 3: Dawn Bloodworth & Billie A. Oliver

Year 4: Natasha Joseph & Rebecca Meager

Year 5: Anna Borowska & Ketloum Garnaoui

Year 6: Michelle James & Donna McGarrett

PSA Newsletter

Autumn Term

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Newsletter 2018

  Xmas Donation letter

Spring Term

Summer Term

Upcoming Events

Date Activity Year group Location

Mon.  26th Nov, 3.30-5pm

X’mas Craft Day Whole school
Tue.  27th Nov, 3:30-5pm X’mas Craft Day Whole school
Wed  28th Nov, 3:30-5pm X’mas Craft Day Whole school
Thurs 29th Nov, 3:30-5.30pm Christmas Fair Whole School School Hall


Cake Sales

Nursery, Year 1 and 5              5 Nov

Year 2 and 3.                          20 Nov

Reception, year 4 and 6.          3 Dec