Going Home arrangementChildren before Year 5 are expected to be collected by an adult or responsible older sibling (14 years old or above). The school must have details of authorised carers who are allowed to collect the children. These details are held by the School Office on the data collection from that is sent to all parents and carers at the beginnig of the school year. If these details change throughout the year the School Office must be notified in advance*. We will not let children leave with anyone who is not known to us on the authorised list for each individual child. Year 5 and 6 children can go home alone providing the school has written confirmation of this from a parent or carer. This must then be approved by the School before it can happen.

* Roehamtpon Church School requires 5 school days to process the request.

Mobile phones

We realise that Year 5 and 6 children may want to carry a mobile to contact home or parents/carers if they are coming to school by themselves. All phones must be handed into the School Office on arrival and collected at the end of the day. No other children should have a mobile phone in school.