The Objectives: The school surrounds Holy Trinity Church, Roehampton, which is a focal point for our collective worship. Services and assemblies are regularly held in the Church which also provides a link with our local community. Parents are encouraged to attend many of these.

We would like all children to participate fully in all school activities but you have a right as a parent under Section 25 of the 1944 Education Act to withdraw your child from religious education and collective worship.

Collective church school worship provides everyone with the opportunity to:

╬ express praise and thanksgiving to God

╬ reflect on the attributes of God

╬ reflect on the teachings of Christ

╬ affirm Christian values and attitudes

╬ share each other’s joys and challenges

╬ celebrate special times in the Christian calendar

╬ foster respect and unity deepen spiritual awareness

Southwark Diocesan Board of Education

At Roehampton Church School we have an assembly every day, during which the above points are addressed. A Christian value, prayer, time for reflection and a song are included in each assembly.


Monday Values Assembly

During this assembly a Christian or moral value or quality is explored and the children are encouraged to think about how this value could be demonstrated in our own lives.

Each week a child is nominated by their class peers to receive a sticker award for demonstrating the previous week’s value.

Tuesday Singing Assembly

During this assembly we sing and learn songs which reflect the Christian ethos of our school. It is an opportunity for thinking about Christian values and attitudes through song, whilst expressing praise and thanksgiving.

Wednesday Church Assembly

On Wednesdays our assembly is held in our local parish church, Holy Trinity, and the assemblies are delivered by Reverend McKinney and other members of the local Church.

Thursday Key Stage Assemblies

These assemblies are split into Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, allowing a more intimate an age appropriate opportunity to explore a Christian theme, value or other religious festivals on the calendar.

Friday Merit Assembly

This assembly is an opportunity for the whole school community to celebrate individual achievements. Each class teacher nominates two children to receive a special merit award.

Foundation Stage:

A collective worship session is held in the Foundation Stage on a weekly basis. During this time, we explore our RE themes through stories and songs.

Festivals and Celebrations

The church plays an important role in the life of our school, and all major celebrations and festivals are celebrated in our church.

Autumn Term Harvest Festival Service

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1: Nativity performance

Key Stage 2: Christmas Carol Service

Spring Term Easter Service
Summer Term Year 6 Leavers’ Service