At RCS we have a School Council. It is made up of 8 pupils from Year 6 and a Class Representative for each year group from Nursery to Year 5 (from Spring term onwards for Reception and from summer term for Nursery.) The Class Representatives are changed termly.

Autumn Term Class Reps
Year 1: Alysia Barras
Year 2: Alan Bedzzyk
Year 3: Olivia Stephens
Year 4: Indiana Dinham
Year 5: Tiffany Kwasau

The School Council members can be identified as they wear badges. We also have a display of their photographs and names in both the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 building. The children are voted in by other children in the school.

School Council 2015 – 2016

School Council Representatives
Sarah Fuller
Prince Yeboah
Daniel Addo
Ralph House
Emma Fuller
Sara Baha
Katie Gray
Sarah Maureen Donor-Solomon

Aims of the School Council

  • Help improve our school
  • Help improve the lives of others in the local community
  • Help improve the lives of others across the world
  • Ensure children have a say in the running of their school

School Council Expectations

  • Wear correct school uniform
  • Demonstrate good behaviour, manners and be polite at all times
  • Show enthusiasm and get involved in school activities
  • Be punctual at school and keep attendance good
  • Be sensitive to other people’s feelings and act on things told to you maturely

What does the School Council do?

The School Council meet every other week and discuss issues related to the aims. They make decisions about fund raising and how money raised can be spent.

Events in this academic year 2015 – 2016:

1) Person From the Past: Money raised £182 towards the Children in Need appeal.

Events in the past have been: 2014 – 2016

Nepalese Earthquake fund: Muftiday 191.25

Children in Need day – Friday 14th November

Children were asked to come to school dressed in yellow or spots or as Pudsey Bear. Money raised £162

Dress up as a filmstar/celebrity. Money raised £169

In the Past: 

Rainbow clothes mufti day

Wear it pink mufti day

Pyjama/dressing gown/onesie/slippers mufti day

Back to front day

Weirdest hairstyle day

Talent show/Roehampton’s Got Talent show

Staff verses School Council netball Match


Teacher/pupil swap day

Events in the past have included supporting: Red Nose Day

Children in Need

Breast Cancer

British Red Cross

Blue Peter Shoe Biz appeal

Tsunami Appeal

Pakistan flood Appeal


Healthy Tuck Shop

The School Council also run a Healthy Tuck Shop in KS2 where children can buy fruit for their morning snack. Each item costs 20p.