Roehampton Church School highly value students’ good behaviour and their contribution of work at school. Every Friday, we hold the Merit Assembly to share and to recognise our students’ outstanding performance. Class teachers from Reception to Year 6; nominate two students to share about their achievement during the Merit Assembly. Parents are welcomed to join this Assembly on Friday, 2:35pm in the School Hall.


Students in each class choose a member of the class who has shown the value of the week through their behaviour and interaction with others. They receive a values sticker in assembly.

Our core values include:

* Trust worthiness

* Honesty

* Reliability

* Reflection

* Resilience

Reading Stars

Reading is part of the school activity to promote the love of reading.

A regular reader at home will have a chance to be one of the weekly Reading Stars. For more information, please click Home School Reading Policy.

Lunch Good Behaviour Certificate

We promote good behaviour within the school time, which is including the lunch time.

1 student from each Key Stage will be nominated to receive this Lunch Good Behaviour Certificate.