We work together to code the future.” ~ Team motto, by 

To view our training album and the video (Our first robot), please click the hyperlink. 

“It works! Our robot moves all the way to meet our headteacher’!” Roe-botic Girl members exclaimed.  ~ 30 Nov 2018

Together we pledge to follow our team rules at all times.

* Teamwork      * Power your mind      * Never give up       * No judgement

* Be respectful and be grateful      * Share ideas        * Be patient       * Good communication

The useful links: 

1) The coding practice: website

2018 – 2019 competition

Scoring rules (Video),  visual map (image) and the game manual (doc)

VEX IQ Challenge Next Level – The Game

Robot Skills Challenge

A) Driving Skills Matches – with the driver controlled (image)

B) Programming Skills Matches (image)

Teamwork Challenge

C) Starting Configuration of the Field (image)

3) Competition sample: (Video)
4) Strategy: How to collect 21 points in VEX IQ Next Level competition? (Video)
5) Useful app: Apple or Android, search VIQC Hub