Oct 2018 Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Stadium

Our talented year 4 and 5 girls began with an unforgettable journey at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Stadium on 16 October 2018. We are proud to be one of 12 schools in Wandsworth attending this event.

The ‘Girl Powered’ programme has been developed over 10 years and one of the stated mission objectives is to “become involved with S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), showcasing examples of how women are changing the world, providing tools for success and enabling comfortable environments where all students’ confidence and abilities can flourish.

We attended a whole day workshop, including our teachers who attended training whilst the children tried different team building, problem-solving and robot controlling sessions. It was a fun and inspiring day as we listened to experienced female scientists from Imperial College and different well-established Vex Robotics groups presenters.

It is an objective of the programme to encourage girls as young as 8 years old to get inspired, to try new things, and get out of their comfort zone, which ultimately re-defines the S.T.E.M. workforce in the future.

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