Pictured in the Final of the 24 Game KS2 Tournament 2015

Here is their conversation after the competition.


Prince: Oh, what a wonderful day!

Emma: Yes, I loved it so much as we kept taking challenges against different schools on different tables.

Sarah: I felt really scared at first but luckily I was sitting on the ‘Home’ table where I could stay with our own teacher and children from the other schools came to challenge us at our table.

Emma: I was fine with that as I could meet different teachers and children.

Prince: For me, the best moment was the time they announced our school’s name and we had to go straight into the final round in another room.

Emma: I agree. I felt so excited and proud of our team to get into the final first time in our school history.

Sarah: Yes, it was really fun as the other children were very fast. I had to tap the cards even faster than usual.  (Shaking hands to relax).

Prince: Ha ha ha…. I couldn’t stop myself to tap the cards, too! (Laugh at the same time).

Emma: If we have a chance to share our experiences to our friends, what is the most important thing you two want to highlight?

Prince: Well, I would like to tell them that using your knowledge of the four operations and times tables would really help when you’re playing this game.

Sarah: Of course. Most importantly, I would like to suggest them to play this with their friends during any time they are free. It helped to build up skills and confidence. Someday, if you happen to be chosen, just relax and enjoy the event!

Emma, Sarah and Prince: All the best to the lucky chosen ones! Goodbye!