Being confident in mathematics is a very important life skill. At R.C.S. we have five main aims for the children.1. To develop a love of the subject and begin to appreciate its place in the world around them.

2. To encourage all the children to be fluent in their mathematical knowledge and skills.

3. To help the children to apply their reasoning skills to solve mathematical problems and puzzles.

4. To be able to communicate their thinking to others clearly, both verbally and in a written form.

5. To develop their determination and resilience to work through an investigation or a problem.

The children fulfil these aims while following the National Curriculum programmes of study.

Parent Support

Parent support is very important. You can help your child to learn in many ways:

  • Try to be enthusiastic and interested in the subject
  • Support your children to practice their number facts and calculation skills
  • Talk to your children about their homework tasks
  • Encourage your child to use the Mathletics website out of school regularly
  • Ask your child’s teacher for further advice


All children at RCS, from Reception to Year 6, have their own user name and password to access the Mathletics website.

They can access this resource both in school and at home. This website helps the children to practice their skills in a fun way and is fully matched to the National Curriculum programmes of study.

Click here to launch the Mathletics web site.

Calculation Policy

We follow the Wandsworth calculation policy for the four operations (+, -, x and ÷ ). See the links for each year group.

If you have any other queries, please see you child’s teacher for further advice.

The Wandsworth 24 Game KS2 Tournament

Wandsworth Council holds the ‘Wandsworth 24 Game Tournament’ once a year for Year 5 students within the borough’s primary schools. It is part of the Roehampton Church School’s Gifted and Talented program.


Wandsworth Maths LTP Year 1

Wandsworth Maths LTP Year 2

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