We have fun Maths lessons and I like playing in the playground.

~ Daniel

The teachers are kind and caring.

~ Sarah 

I like the food at lunchtime. 

~ Nicholas

I like the way the teachers treat the children – they are always kind.

~ Imogen

I like RCS is the best school because we go to amazing trips like the Science Museum.

~ Mufleh

RCS is a good school and I have a lot of friends. 

~ Fred

I only go to school for learning but since I came to R.C.S., it felt as if I’m at home. I felt like my teachers and my classmates are my family members. I’ve been here for 8 years and I have to leave for secondary school. I wish I can visit regularly to my ‘home’.

~ Arshia

I am so excited that my child has been offered a full time place in the Nursery, for such a small charge. Thank you very much! I can finally get back to full time work.

~ New parent 

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