Every child and member of staff at Roehampton Church School are placed into one of 4 houses. The houses are Aggar, Ennis, Farrah and Simmonds which are named after 4 Olympians / Paralympians. House Captains are elected from Year 6 pupils and Vice Captains from Year 5 pupils. They provide positive leadership to the children in their House and Support with various competitions and events organised throughout the year.

At the end of each half term all the children take part in end of unit competitions within their year group. Each house competes against each other and points are awarded. The points are collated for each house and the results are announced at the end of term assembly.

On Sports Day the Houses also compete against each other and a cup is awarded to the winning House. We have found that the House points system has promoted the importance of being a member of a team and a way of engaging all children in competitive sports.






450 points

375 points

325 points

350 points

Captain: Zafirah

Vice: Sarah F.

Captain: Taha

Vice: Amani

Captain: Wojtek

Vice: Daniel

Captain: Mike

Vice: Nicholas